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Go Programs and Apps Here are links to some of the code people have written in Go so far, for libraries see the list of libraries written in Go and for Yves smith bitcoin programming tools see the Go utils page. Cloud-Backups – Small Go utilities to backup data from the cloud, to the cloud.

Tonika – A distributed framework for building secure social networks. By Blake Mizerany and Keith Rarick. By Ron Minnich, Noah Evans, Jason Dreisbach, and John Floren. Termite – Generic distributed compilation system.

Orchestra – System for managing the reliable execution of tasks over a number of hosts. Fault-tolerant network service for GUID generation. Implementation of Riak’s Bitcask key value store. DBGo – Light-weight relational database engine.

NoSQL database using JSON for document storage and queries. Gongo – A program written in Go that plays Go. A rogue-like game using SDL by Risto Saarelma. 379723 – A simple game of Pong. A shooter game based on Raptor.