Wintree tsd forex

After that somebody shortened it’s name to TMA and ever since I am receiving emails and private messages about it in which people are asking me to make it non-recalculating, non-repainting, whatever . First the good old triangular moving average. As it is obvious, by shifting it to the left, it fits perfectly the data but it starts lacking data from the wintree tsd forex. TMA that is shifted by half length to the left and the missing data is extrapolated in a certain way.

The gap from the right is filled in and it all looks just fine. And for the end : one thing that is less known. The way how the centered triangular moving average is extrapolated makes the current bars value equal to one very well known moving average : linear weighted moving average. And which makes the answer to the following question obvious : can it be “end-pointed” as SSA in order to make it non-repainting.

Thanks for the TMAs and all the indicators you created and share with us. TMA, because momentum can be shown for the 1st, not for the 2nd. According to most common definitions of how momentum is calculated, there are 2 ways. Metatrader is using the 2nd formula. If you replace close with the value of snake in your case or centered TMA you are going to get a momentum of either. I am not sure I understand the question completely, but lets try : According to most common definitions of how momentum is calculated, there are 2 ways. 100′ levels of the 3 different momentums are not unique, not at the same point.

1 indicator that will show all those 3 values. I am sorting all EAs testing. Some of them are profitable during the 6 or 8 months forward testing. I want to stop testing EAs which are not performing good for this period. I start to develop the scalper. This subject is not very popular in elte section because I am not describing anything untill it will be developed.

I will test some new EAs posting the results in public sections. It is not difficult for me and it will help to many people to understand which modification and what to improve. I am talking about public areas. I will create 5 or 7 more portfolio sets up to the end of August. I think we may have the 3rd portfolio using this EA only with 6 pairs. But suddenly this EA increased the profit and I am expecting the good profit but in the end of August only. 4th portfolio will have some Codersguru EAs and some KSRobot which is profitable and is not trading very often.

Russian EAs: trade-on-friday and trade-on monday. Trade-on monday is very profitable now. Some of them are profitable with some pairs. I think it will be just a portfolio with these EAs only but with different timeframes. EAs based on money management only.

There are some kind of EAs which are not based on any indicator or trading system. We are planning to use it in portfolio as well. So the elite section will be fully re-newed by the end of August. It is “always-in-trade” kind of EA. The same wich Igorad is sing for metaquotes championship. Not posted yet in elite section.