When does forex trading day end

The Authority’ on Price Action Trading. In 2016, Nial won the Million Dollar Trader Competition. You might when does forex trading day end wondering why I am not a big fan of intra-day trading. For a skilled trader who is already successful, intra-day trading might be something to consider.

Keep your day job End-of-day trading basically allows you to fit in trading around your schedule, whatever it may be. You can keep your day job with no problems. Many people seem to think that if they can’t sit and watch the markets all day then they can’t trade, this is simply not true. As an end-of-day Forex trader you can live your life exactly as you are now, but instead of spending 30 minutes watching television at night, you can simply analyze the markets according to your trading plan and look for price action trading setups. After that, it’s as simple as checking the markets each day after the New York close and seeing if your trading edge is present.

Once you develop this into a routine it really should not take more than 30 minutes or so for you to decide if there’s a signal worth trading. Meaning, the REASON they are frustrated and confused is because they are over-complicating the easiest part of trading, which is analyzing the charts and looking for a trading signal. NY close where you can simply check the markets for a signal real quick and then walk away. You scan your favorite markets and first look for a clear signal of one of the setups in your trading plan. After you have mastered your trading strategy this should be a very easy and quick task, taking no more than about 10 to 15 minutes. You’ll have to draw in the key daily chart levels at the start of the week and then analyze and adjust them if needed each day after the New York close. This is also not something that will take much time after you get some education under your belt and understand what a key level is vs.