Ubs global forex technical strategy research

Thaler tokens offer fully secured and transparent legal ownership of Real estate assets. Ubs global forex technical strategy research holders benefit from both property-related income and commissions for tokenization of underlined Real estate assets through Thaler.

Earn recurring income from real estate assets and services of Thaler. Benefit from multiple opportunities offered through the Thaler. HOW IT WORKS AND WHAT WE OFFER? One is a blockchain platform working in the Ethereum ecosystem which would allow investors to take ownership of quality Real estate assets worldwide and benefit from the expertise of our team of industry professionals and our international alliance network. Through the Ethereum smart contracts, Thaler.

Some assets are resold with profit through tokenization to investors, holders of Thaler. Real estate owners who want to sell or raise capital contribute their assets to Thaler. One tokenizes them and resells to investors in exchange for Thaler. The returns on Thaler tokens will not be limited to profits from Real estate, but would also come from services provided for tokenization of assets through the Thaler.

Current returns from Real estate assets: Thaler. Profits from sale of Real estate: Real estate assets purchased into Thaler. One will have an upside potential. A portion of these assets will be sold each year with a profit, which will provide additional returns to token holders.

One will resell Real estate to Thaler. Block holders with premium from book value. One will also charge Real estate sellers origination fees for the tokenization of their assets and commissions from successful sales. A portion of these fees will stay in Thaler.