Tri force trader ichimoku forex

Ichimoku Power EA Trade Forex with the POWER of an automated Ichimoku Trading System! The REAL Ichimoku EA for Metatrader 4! Whether you trader Forex, Stocks, Gold, Futures, etc The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo strategy can be effective in your trade plan. You can either use this Tri force trader ichimoku forex EA for signal alerts, or automated entries, the choice is yours.

When in an automated environment, you limit the emotional faction, naturally increasing your chances of profit! Once you have the settings you’re comfortable with, you can let the system run on AUTO! This Ichimoku system is built to trade as you would manually, with stops and take profits built in! A little more than an EA! Our staff also uses this EA for internal trading. NO OTHER EA PROVIDER DOES THIS!

Confirm your gut intuition with an Ichimoku signal alert! Don’t miss another Ichimoku entry again. You can use just the Ichimoku cloud settings, or confirm the entries with a Moving Average cross, or go one step further and modify each setting as needed on the fly! The POWER of the Ichimoku Cloud Trading Strategy! No other Ichimoku trading robot has every been offered with this much customization or features.

Thousands of traders around the world have already taken advantage of this amazing trading strategy with huge success. Some traders make the assumption that the Ichimoku trading strategy is best used on asian pairs because of the name. The Ichimoku strategy is a tool that is used to gauge support and resistance levels at a glance. In fact, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo translates into “Equilibrium chart at a glance”. The Ichimoku kinko hyo strategy has 4 internal moving values that give the system a signal to Buy or Sell. The rules are simple, and systematic. The system will pay attention to the main Ichimoku indicators: Tenkan, Kinji, Chinkou, and Senkou lines.

For added benefit, we have integrated a moving average and Stochastic setting as well. In our testing we have found that the best way to use the Ichimoku EA is using the original Ichimoku theory. The Chinkou direction represents “Buy” if up or “Sell” if down: Additionally this value must be ABOVE the Senkou-B Span level for a “Buy” example. Watch the video below showcasing the system in ACTION! The Ichimoku trading system uses support and resistance levels as indicators for market direction or reversals. This EA will come with full PDF instruction for installation and setup. The PDF will also have full breakdown of each setting and what each will do.

We will also provide our suggested settings and what we know has performed in our trading environments. Some traders will stay with our settings and find the right pairs that are the most profitable. Some traders will modify accordingly based on their own internal knowledge and break the bank! The choice is ultimately up to you. Ready for Metatrader 4 and Fully Compatible. SIMPLE to setup and STRONG SUPPORT! This Ichimoku EA was created with all types of traders in mind!

For some of you, this may be a new territory, were as others it is their way of life. No matter what stage you are at in terms of trading, we have made this EA very simple to setup, and more importantly simple to understand! After your download you will receive a packet explaining more about the Ichimoku strategy and the components within it. This is a POWERFUL TOOL for any Forex trader serious about make money in Forex or trading.