Tonik hati percuma forex

Laman Perkongsian Ilmu tentang Ceramah agama, ebook, software, gambar pelik, gambar kelakar, info kesihatan, ilmu komputer, seo, tip, tutorial, movie dan forex, semuanya percuma untuk muat turun. As we tonik hati percuma forex in December, we also usher in World AIDS Day.

78 per cent of HIV cases are sexually transmitted, a huge jump compared to the unsafe drug injecting record previously. In November, UNAIDS has found that 18. 2 million people are now on ART and that in the six months to June 2016, and an additional million people had gained access to the therapy after being diagnosed. Dr Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General says, “HIV self-testing should open the door for many more people to know their HIV status and find out how to get treatment and access prevention services,” adding it can also prevent HIV transmission to others. By offering HIV self-testing, we can empower people to find out their own HIV status and also to notify their partners and encourage them to get tested as well,” said Dr Gottfried Hirnschall, Director of WHO’s Department of HIV.

Self-testing will be particularly relevant for those people who may find it difficult to access testing in clinical settings and might prefer self-testing as their method of choice,” the doctor stated. If we want to encourage Malaysians to know their HIV status, we must promote the self-test kits. Adolescent girls and young women in particular are vulnerable to HIV transmission, and if self-testing kits are provided to those attending antenatal clinics, it would make it easier for them to know their status. Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS. WHO currently supports free distribution of HIV self-testing kits and are working to reduce costs to attain self-test kits at an affordable price. Although a wide-scale implementation of self-testing remains limited, 23 countries currently have policies in place supporting it, and many other nations are developing similar policies.

Here, several pharmacies are selling self-testing kits, and they are also available online for as low as RM20, claiming to be 99. But do be mindful, as Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society president Datuk Nancy Ho has cautioned those who wish to conduct self-tests. No test is perfect and there could be false negatives. Hands up for HIV Prevention’ and UNAIDS is also working on the fast track to end the ongoing epidemic by 2030, increasingly working to stop transmission between mother and baby. Orang Ramai Tak Tahu,Ini Gaya Hidup Tun M Yang Sebenar Tun Dr Mahathir solat Jumaat di tempat biasa beliau di Masjid Negara. Ini Semua Salah Menteri PH – Azizi Aaron. Itu angka yang menakutkan sejak PH menjadi kerajaan di Putrajaya.