Third brain forex

We strive to provide our Customers with third brain forex edge expertises to make their business AI and Data driven. Developing predictive and adaptative algorithms for the HR and finance industries. Identifying meaningful stories inside large data sets.

Building an autonomous predictive and subjective system that can identify pattern within a context. We use real time data refinery capabilities and calculation accuracy to solve businesses challenges. 265K Pattern Analysis We trained our algorithms to identify patterns within a context. 265k IT workers’ career paths analyzed. 92 s Real time calculation Without Context, Data is Meaningless. We enabled our system with real-time calculation capabilities to help businesses make strategic decisions based on context and patterns analysis.

2256 Decentralized Architecture Blockchain is like an Excel spreadsheet on the internet where everyone can add lines but no one can go back and change or delete an existing entry. We are designing a protocol to protect people’ data integrity. User Experience The goal of this research effort was to assess the overall usability of BRAINCITIES platform while it is still in development. Specifically, the product team was interested in learning whether users could gain a solid understanding of the matchmaking solution as well as easily performs common tasks. To meet this goal, a usability study was conducted of the current UX design of the application.

AI Assisted Recruitment of one profile. Proof Of Value of the Team building feature. Ecosystem integration The goal of the collaboration it to measure the opportunity offered by BRAINCITIES’ technology and features to enhance Manpower’s matching and career management solutions. Helping Manpower develop an AI and Data analytics solution.