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Bitcoin-Central, a Bitcoin currency exchange based out of France and operated by Paymium, has reopened techie chan bitcoin news after six months of suspension. Bitcoin-Central suspended its operations in late April this year following a security breach in which hackers stole few hundred Bitcoins from its hot wallet. The exchange had noted at the time that it will refund 100 percent of the money which its customers had lost as a result of the hack and that it was temporarily suspending its service up until its security infrastructure is tightened.

In a tweet yesterday, the exchange teased the new interface while revealing that it was still busy ironing out few things. Bitcoin-Central earned the status of a real bank back in December 2012. Thanks to this approval users can make deposits in Euros and convert them to Bitcoins and vice versa. The approval also guaranteed that user accounts will be tied with the French banking system. He is a technology enthusiast with keen interest in information security.

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