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The rate of the fee that TD Ameritrade receives may exceed td bank tdfx forex interest rate or effective yield that you receive in your balances in the Insured Deposit Accounts, and the payment of the fee reduces the yield that you receive. Avoid exchanging your Canadian dollars at the bank, taking out money at the ATM or using a credit card with foreign transaction fees while travelling or shopping online.

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The information on this site is for general information purposes only and does not claim to be comprehensive or provide legal or other advice. Why Choose TD Wealth Private Client Group? Turn to us for a wide variety of products and services that take the hassle out of managing foreign transactions. Avoid the high transaction costs and inflated exchange fees charged by currency kiosks in airports, hotels and other tourist areas.

Take advantage of TD Bank’s competitive foreign exchange rates before you leave the U. When you return from your trip, or you are a visitor to the U. S, TD Bank will help you exchange foreign currency into U. Send or receive wire transfers anywhere in the world with TD Bank. Plus, you can save money when you send a wire using the currency of the destination country. The benefits of sending your transfer in local currency instead of U.