Steve nurre forex

Company seems to be out of business. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should steve nurre forex avoided.

I have no other course to compare FXTE with for forex training. The problem I have is for the cost, ther should be written material to refer back to. You hsouldn’t have to go back to a video to make notes and do reviews. Also, they do or show no live trade sessions, which is analogous to showing a boy how to throw and catch, by looking at photos, as opposed toacually doing it.

Have you read the positive reviews and thought they sound a little too good? I’m a real student who signed up for FXTE’s full “Pro” package, which is everything they offer. So far I have reviewed the home study, taken the Intermediate class and taken coaching with both Steve and Jimmy. I haven’t taken the advanced yet but have no reason to believe it’ll be better. Two of the coaches could care less about the students. As an example, I asked a question to one of these instructors on their discussion board and six months later it still hasn’t been answered but they said that’s the best way to contact them. The home study is not good and one of the instructors said they’re not using some of the systems anymore so how would students know that?

The intermediate course is a mish mash of different systems, concepts, etc. As one of those students who has done the work I can say it’s not the students – it’s the teachers who can’t teach. After considerable effort trying to learn their systems, I’ve concluded the fact that almost all of their teaching is video based is a big drawback. To learn a system, I feel having it also in writing is essential.

I spent about 14 hours reviewing videos to write down the setup, entry and exit for one of their systems. Do you really want to go through a video you can’t search and don’t know what it covers to learn or would you rather have condensed teaching? Forex trading is supposed to be simpler to trade than option according to FXTE. For awhile I thought it was me and I just wasn’t getting it but then I ran into numerous students and when we discussed our challenges with learning from FXTE we realized what similarities there are to the difficulties we encountered and realized FXTE can’t teach. I admit that I have always been one of those people to continually search out the best new education and software packages. 9 times out of 10 they are a huge dissapointment. I have NEVER, and I repeat NEVER, had a better educational experience.