Stampa digitale su forex milano

CONTATTI DMR è presente con uffici in 3 continenti. Saremo felici di rispondere stampa digitale su forex milano tutte le vostre domande!

Fields : digital painting printed on forex siropan or backlighted film , digital interacive animation, digital movies, sinphonic, poliphonic and electronic soundtrack compositions. It cannot be expressed without a significant, can be endlessly cloned and can be used in different locations at the same time. Every closed area can become a digital object and can be cloned and transformed in more works. Viewing the works, beyond the work, objects travel transfiguring, letting one basic property of the digital emerging. The web becomes the necessary path for the perception travel.

Digital is non linear, visual language is non linear, verbal language is linear. This rows are linear, the way they are read, from the left to the right, from the top to the bottom, is linear. The syntax is linear and justify a causal way of thinking. The preceding cause the following, the cock singing before the sunrise, let the sun rising. Visual text is non linear and demand intuition, attention and a non causal way of thinking.

We know from the gestalt and the further developmet of Gombrich that perpception is a way of thinking. An organism more than a mechanism. Switching from the symbol to the sign is a paradigmatic jump. To make the jump, non linear languages are necessary.

Reducing the power of these rows is a must. Switching from the work to the works, from the symbol to the autoreferential sign could be a way. The buyer can choose the developing of a branch of the process and the process undergo to a stochastic shock, a weak interaction. The process cannot be controlled by the author because the process itself is complex. The author loose the control of the process and the name.

Re presentation of the structure is consciousness. Once again, an articulation of the complexity and a move away from the logocentrism. Calculating the mathematical non linear curves used to define the size of the prints, make it possibile to draw the curves into another work, exposing an hidden level of the process. The way the market is pricing the work is exposed and becam a work. Internet diventa il percorso necessario per il viaggio percettivo. Il segno diventa una grammatica autoreferenziale aperta alle condizioni al contorno.

Il calcolo delle curve matematiche non lineari usate per definire le dimensioni delle stampe, rende possibile disegnare le stesse curve in una nuova opera facendo emergere un livello nascosto del processo. Il modo in cui il m ercato prezza le opere emerge e diviene opera. Works are painted letting interact digital filters and conventional simulated techniques. Oil, watercolors ecc can be digitally simulated. Bodies change when re expressed by themsleves.