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Super High Quality Shiny Spandex Video Clips! No ruby bitcoin wallet signup, no recurring fees, no passwords.

Buy only the videos you want! Media is currently available for immediate download through Clips4Sale. Click Here to Enter the Store! This is complex, so bare with us. NET has a number of sexy models available for custom videos.

Minimum video length varies by model. Also, we consider reslae factor, if the video is too-specific we may need to charge more as well. For the more graphic videos, sensual touching, or sexual acts the rate will have additional fees. Note: when selecting multiple models for a video, production time may take longer due to scheduling conflicts. Additional notes on time: if you order 10 minutes, you will get at LEAST 10 minutes but probably less than 15.

If you order 15 you will again get at least 15, but likely less than 20 etc. We always deliver more than you order. Have an idea you want to see realized? Can’t find what you want in our Spandex Closet? We can make the spandex outfit custom for the video! 75 for a tank top or halter top unitard plus materials. NOTE: fabric is generally obtained from spandexworld.

Metallic or special fabrics will cost slightly more. Extra fees apply if you want a custom outfit that is not in our archive or if you want an outfit change midway in the video. There are also extra fees if you would like special locations. Default location includes a wrestling area, bedroom setup, couch, computer desks. Digital currency discounts do not apply for custom video orders or custom outfits.

This is mostly due to the model’s schedules. Video’s can not be changed once production begins. You will be notified once the video is ready or if there are any delays. If you don’t mind waiting longer, generally around 6-7 weeks, we can offer a discount on your order.

All prices are in United States Dollars. Remember, our models are NOT porn stars nor do they want to be. They just like having fun in spandex! Not too keen on self pleasuring, but open to another girl feeling me up. Lily is generally a sub who likes form fitting outfits and costumes.

She likes spandex outfits that compliment her curvy figure. She loves to role play, so the more descript of a character you want her to play, the more fun she has! Tights are a must with leotards. Usually within 2 weeks of order! I’ll touch myself, and probably another girl.

Ruby prefers unitards and loves dressing up! Will only wear leotards with tights. Also insists on bra under her spandex. Usually within 3 weeks of order. Light self touching, only over my spandex. Jen is very soft spoken and is all about showing off her ample ass.