Royal trader forex

Starbit International has one of the worst designed websites of an MLM company I’ve ever seen. The homepage royal trader forex just under 20 megabytes of images and on average takes twenty to thirty seconds to load.

The registration was recently updated on April 13th, 2017, suggesting this is when the current owner took possession. Iliah Kokh is listed as the domain owner, with an address in Dubai also provided. Cryptonetwork’s months of activity have produced a series of market information and findings that fully focused on the preliminary phase goals. From May 2017, the initiative enters directly in the new operational phase, managed at an international level, with an even wider structure.

All agreemeents in place remains valid until regular deadline. A link to the Starbit International website is also provided. Centurion Network prior to the message above being displayed. Centurion Network was a cryptocurrency MLM opportunity that revolved around Centurion Coin. Centurion Coin is your typical pump and dump MLM altcoin. Initially launched as Ponzi points, Centurion Coin launched with a publicly traded value of 6.