Ritesh sarvaiya economic times forex

But’s it’s not been an easy ridewhen you get up close, you can start to see some grey hairs creeping in to defy those baby-face looks. Much has changed in the last few years from the initial euphoria ritesh sarvaiya economic times forex tangible costs benefits.

Today cost arbitrage and productivity efficiency is tablestakes. Clients are now looking more closely at their business processes not only to reduce costs and increase efficiencies but also on how tightly integrated processes can actually impact their overall business revenues over a long term. To succeed, bundled BPO and technology outsourcing approach has to be supported at the very top, as this involves significant change management within the organization itself and companies have to ready to make some bold moves to facilitate this. Ability to pay a premium on risk sharing Sometimes organizations also look at outsourcing their processes and associated risk without willing to bear the cost of premium on the risk share. Lot of questions came after Vedachala posted XSS In Defencely. And People just buzzing me to fix that vulnerability, but when i told them I’m not part of defencely anymore.

I was Originally Co-founder And Chief Technology Officer At Defencely But Some Weird Things Happened in company and Founder of Defencely Ritesh Sarvaiya Kicked me out from defencely. Maharaj is like my family member. So after we meet at Digital edge Office Ritesh Gave me one proposal that Lets Build One Security Company. At this Time The company equity divided in to 3 part. I Still Remember His Words : WE WILL USE YOUR SKILLS AND I WILL INVEST WHAT EVER MONEY IT NEED. On 14th January 2013 we have registered Domain defencely.