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This new global marketplace is free-to-use and accepts all major digital and fiat currencies. CFO Greg Simon, an economist whose background includes global investment banking, is one of the co-founders of Ribbit. He became interested in blockchain technology while embarking on a year-long ribbit capital bitcoin around the world where he encountered obstacles to transacting using traditional fiat currencies. He progressed to the use of Bitcoin and then decided to build a rewards program based on the same technology with two partners, founding Ribbit.

It was a natural progression for Bitcoin to evolve into a solution for the rewards industry,” said Simon. The marketplace is easy and free for all to use. The ability that crypto currencies have to create new environments and business innovations is remarkable! The blockchain based loyalty program solution provider, Ribbit.

5 million for a Middle East and Europe based Hayaat Group. Customer Loyalty Programs is one of the marketing strategies to glue customers to the concerned brand. These programs incentivize peopleĀ on their expenditure at outlets that are part of the network. Me recently initiated the launch of Marketplace. As per the available details, the new Ribbit. Me platform will further allow users to transact in all kind of fiat and digital currencies, including Bitcoin.

More than just rewarding customers in cryptocurrency, the underlying bitcoin technology holds a lot of promise in changing the loyalty rewards industry. These comprise frequently flyer miles, hotel loyalty points, return-customer retailer programs and so forth that were developed using bitcoin blockchain. What if every time you used Amazon they gave you money, just for using it? What a world it would be But Wait! I met the guys behind this exciting project and had a few questions that they gladly answered.

The average user should pick up Bitcoin: To experience the future of money. To gain a glimpse into an exciting technology. To learn about how money could be in the future and also become aware of how limited money and banks are today. Benchmark, Fortress Investment Group and Ribbit Capital are acquiring an interest in Pantera Bitcoin Partners LLC.