Rg rx 78 2 gundam ver gft forex

As the opening of the Gundam Front Tokyo Event in Odaiba approached 7-11 announced they would be selling a limited edition version of their HG RX-78-2 called the Rg rx 78 2 gundam ver gft forex. I’ve already built a 7-11 gentei kit but I’m a plamo whore so I knew I wanted this one. However, this kit is really hard to find.

I easily, and perhaps luckily, found the previous gentei kit almost immediately but this one had eluded me for weeks. After weeks of fruitless searching I decided to buy it online. Box contents are pretty standard but there are some additions. This D runner has parts to replace their respective B runner counterparts. The new parts have much more detail in that area. It’s an HG kit so assembly is quick and the marking guide is pretty clear. After that it was just a matter of adding panel lines.

This is the best 7-11 Exclusive kit yet! If you want to join me you’ll probably have to act fast. HG bones is that normal HG rx78’s or a gentei special? Does anyone else have a craving for a slurpie after seeing this hot beast? I have been having those cravings for 8 years.