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Ongoing studies are being conducted to conclude if further actions should be taken. This research of our financials have been taken into consideration for some time now, we feel that they have been reported correctly in the amounts just not in the timing. This is throwing off our dividends and our monthly and quarterly reports. This press release is to notify all of our stockholders, suppliers, and creditors that our company is still stable. We are looking into legal actions to take against our former CFO after a case is built. Abstract: The modern world faces numerous threats, many of them born even by the technological development: pollution, reducing of energy sources, the new diseases caused by synthetic food or new types of medicines, etc. Therefore it is necessary to build a culture of risk starting from a conscience process able to generate a sense of risk and appropriate institutional and individual behaviors.

Consequently, they raised the interest of economists, sociologists, anthropology, psychologists, historians and, implicitly, the academics or practitioners in public relations. To cope successfully with a crisis, the organization through public relations department, must apply certain strategies of crisis communication. The author who performed the most comprehensive analysis of rhetorical strategies used in the crisis communication is W. Benoit’s model was developed by W.

These crises were caused by a large number of deaths in Romanian hospitals. In both cases, the press was the one who pulled an alarm signal. Lack of information and, worse, truncated flow of contradictory information, provided by various official sources, always arise suspicions among journalists. They do investigations to disclose the reality and to bring truth to light and they totally involve, sometimes resorting to methods that are at the limit of legality. That happened in the case known as “Poiana Mare”, which caused a strong health crisis, that had echoes also abroad.

Poiana Mare case: events story In mid-February 2004, the central press published the statement made by Poiana Mare Mayor: “I have issued since the beginning of the year, 21 death certificates. It was about patients put to the neuro-psychiatry hospital in Poiana Mare. This information has aroused the interest of journalists and placed the subject on the first page of the major newspapers for almost 1 month. On February 20 Evenimentul Zilei published an article where the statements of all involved parties appear.

Patients paddle is in a terrible mess, they are dirty, dressed in tatters, barefoot, badly fed, dying of cold, of TBC. The drama of Poiana Mare patients and reaction of Brânzan Minister have aroused the interest of national and international organizations. Against this background of silence of the authorities and criticism from representatives of civil society, the press continues to bring forward new disclosures. AIDS was found in that hospital by Georgiana Pascu, Program Manager in the Center for Legal Resources, during a visit made at the hospital in Poiana Mare.