Redeem private key bitcoin

M9 1a8 8 0 1 0 0 16A8 8 0 0 0 9 1zm. Let’s say that I have generated some private keys offline and use them for my savings. For my spending money I prefer to use an online wallet instead of downloading the client. Under “Add funds”, choose “Redeem private redeem private key bitcoin” and pick the format that you want to enter the private key in.

Update2: Mycelium wallet for Android app has a “cold storage” feature. Bitcoin address t send the funds to. Hit send and you are done. I’m accepting my own answer here since it’s the closest I have found to my requirements. If anyone finds a better service that doesn’t require you to open an account to use it, please add that answer. I’ll be happy to change the accepted answer if such a service turns up.

Mobile, will do a Scan to redeem a private key. But so long as you transfer the full balance, that does seem like a reasonable service to provide. I am “emptying” the balance on the private key so there is no change. I won’t use it again so it doesn’t matter if they store it. The point is pretty well outlined in the question I think. I don’t want to bother with having an installed client but I don’t want to trust all my money with an e-wallet.

Ah, that would be doable and make sense. If it were a “dump” that then left the account empty, that would avoid the problems. I don’t know of any service yet , but because the patched Bitcoin client with this feature has been available for quite some time, the technical difficulty in providing this as a web service is not significant. Yes, but the level of trust required is so much lower than with an e-wallet.