Quicken bitcoin

Quicken bitcoin could drive PMs prices higher? Our trading “partners” are already starting to make it clear that they don’t need us.

Tensions between the US and key nations continues to ratchet up on the heels of Group of Seven nations talks in Canada this past weekend. The trade feud between Washington and Canada, Mexico, Europe, and China is intensifying. French President Emmanuel Macron proposed the US is wrecking global diplomatic relations, calling for the US to be removed from the G-7 group. According to Labor Department report, US jobless claims fell slightly this month, with the number of layoffs in the U. Initial weekly jobless claims dropped 1,000 to 222,000 for the week ended June 2. The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits unexpectedly declined indicating tighter labor conditions. The unemployment rate remains at a 18-year low of 3.

The sea change could displace more jobs than can be replaced over the coming years, leading to a global unemployment epidemic without viable solutions. The massive JP Morgan silver short position and it’s potential to cause an epic short-squeeze, sending the price of silver skyward. Policymakers noted expectations for the already tame unemployment rate of 3. 17 years, to drop further to 3. The yield curve is vulnerable to inversion after the Dec. FOMC quarter point rate hike, leading to an economic slowdown as soon as the summer of 2019.

China remains a wildcard that has the smart money accumulating safe haven investments ahead of potential economic sanctions related blowback. JP Morgan silver short position and it’s potential to cause an epic short-squeeze, sending the price of silver skyward as well as silver producers such as First Majestic with CEO Keith Neumeyer. Given the downturn in the long-running credit cycle, considerable QE efforts will be required via CB monetary policy to maintain the status quo. CB, QE operations oftentimes result in unexpected consequences, in particular, runaway inflation, which bodes well for precious metals investors. Investors must search for “real, tangible wealth,” and no asset class better fulfills this characteristic than gold and related shares. The precious metal remains a leverage play on gold with the benefit of its industrial appeal.

Semiprecious metals are also of interest, including nickel and indium, as tangle assets become rarer and more difficult to mine. The show wraps with a brief discussion on the benefits of intermittent fasting and hourly exercise breaks. The AMA recommends walking briskly every hour for at least 2-3 minutes to reduce the symptoms of pre-diabetes and Type II diabetes, promote healthy cardio function, reduce arterial sclerosis and enhance quality of life. Global financier, Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics rejoins the show with this latest market commentary.