Playfish forum trading forex

A Note to the Onverse Community, As you all know, the Onverse community has recently been infiltrated by a few players who wish to do us harm. We have been working tirelessly for many months to plug the holes, restore accounts and return Onverse to the safe place we were all used to. It has not been an easy process and in many cases, we have had to deactivate accounts because playfish forum trading forex were compromised.

We are also working very closely with law enforcement to find and prosecute the perpetrators, and that is much easier done when we aren’t constantly worried about interfering with game play. While I cannot comment on an open investigation, rest assured, the people who are behind this will be brought to justice. For those of you wondering how long the game will be down – the answer is, I don’t know. If we can’t fix the security issues we cannot, in good conscience allow people to be exposed, so we will keep it down as long as is necessary. You can check back here for any updates. Thank you all so much for your continued support and commitment to this beautiful place Steve created for all of us!

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