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Hot Felon’ Paxum bitcoin news Meeks Hands Six-Figure Settlement To Ex-Wife, Moves Son To U. Porn Stars Are Getting The Shaft From Chase Bank!

Accounts Closed For 100s In The Biz? If you didn’t hear this story last year, then buckle up because it’s happening again! If you’ll recall, around this time last year, a lawsuit was filed against JPMorgan Chase claiming the bank violated fair lending laws and its policy for refusing to underwrite a loan for ‘moral reasons. And now, the bank is apparently hitting the porn industry again as we’ve been EXCLUSIVELY told hundreds of letters went out to those in the adult film industry saying their accounts would be closed on May 11, 2014.

Chase closing all adult performer and producer’s accounts today? If this is really going on to workers in the adult film industry then we’re outraged! Just because you don’t agree with a career choice, doesn’t mean the workers don’t have the same rights as everyone else. After all, their careers are completely LEGAL! Mother Outraged By Kindergarten Sign Teaching Kids What To Do In A Lockdown! Roseanne Joins The Club Of Infamous TV Shows Canceled In The Midst Of Scandal! Celebrities Who’ve Been Accused Of Homophobia!