Overbalance forex broker

Want to earn in the Market? Overbalance forex broker strongly recommend that you test the trading robot before buying for a better customer experience. Moving CCI is a mixed indicator between Moving Average and Commodity Channel Index.

The indicator draws a line that can be used instead of the price candlestick chart. If you have any questions about the indicator, your comments are welcome. Moving CCI features Works for all timeframes. Settings are changeable as a user needs.

Parameters Period CCI – number of bars to calculate a CCI value. The indicator shows the upper, middle and lower price limits for a certain period of time. Hour: hours, _Day: days, _Bars: bars CTPrice: price type, by bars. This indicator displays Bollinger Bands signals for multiple symbols and multiple time frames. The signals are created as a simple ratios which represent the distance between the current price and the moving average measured in standard deviations.