Ninjatrader historical forex data

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AXIOM business books awards, bronze medal for my book! AXIOM Business Books Awards, bronze medal. Let’s have a look at the different charts and which type provides the most information. Charts Although there are many charts, the ones listed below are those used most often, and the candle chart is preferred because it provides the most information.

It was the basic chart used prior to the advent of the personal computer. Stock price data was registered manually, and only closing prices were registered. The bottom and the top of the vertical bar represent the lowest and highest prices of the period, respectively. The bar chart is used mostly in Western technical analysis.

Homma, a Japanese rice merchant, used candle charts for the first time around the year 1850. Steve Nison introduced the candle chart to the Western world in his book, Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques. Candle charts clearly depict price development in a trading period. The body of the candle in figure 4. 3 represents the move between the opening and closing prices.

A candle can be either a body or a body with long or short wicks, called shadows that reach to the highest and lowest prices in the trading period. The recognition of candle-chart patterns is a study unto itself. We will discuss most of these patterns in chapter six. LOCKIT basically uses candle charts because candle patterns are part of the decision making process and most common used on the daily charts. Find a Stock ticker symbol, enter the ticker and find a chart, news, fundamentals and historical quotes.

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