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How to Keep Bitcoins Safe What is an Altcoin? How to Get Bitcoins Is Bitcoin Legal? 2008, bitcoin gained a solid taste of mainstream nick spanos bitcoin mining in 2017 when its price began rising faster than anyone had anticipated. Huang is convinced that cryptocurrency remains as popular as ever.

The ability for the world to have a very low-friction, low-cost way of exchanging value is going to be here for a long time. NVIDIA is a technology company based in Santa Clara, California. Some of the enterprises’ staple products are its graphics processing units or GPUs. These small processors, Huang explains, were some of the main reasons the company first decided to get involved in cryptocurrency last year. The reason why cryptocurrency became such a popular thing on top of our GPUs is our GPU system is the world’s largest installed base of distributed supercomputing. Our processor serves as the perfect processor to enable this supercomputing capability to be distributed, and that’s the reason why it’s used. For the time being, NVIDIA is primarily involved in the gaming business, data centers and self-driving cars, and cryptocurrency and mining operations account for only small portions of the company’s profits.

Bitcoin, per Huang’s comments at a recent GPU technology conference. He said its processors are predominantly used to mine ether, which accounted for roughly 6 percent of the company’s GPU sales in 2017. It was designed so that the algorithm requires the type of computing capabilities — the type of processing capabilities — that are made possible by GPUs in a distributed system. GPUs to be in such great demand. Op Ed: Can Solar Power Drive Bitcoin Mining in Africa? How to Keep Bitcoins Safe What is an Altcoin? How to Get Bitcoins Is Bitcoin Legal?