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Is Your Website Delivering the Results You Nextbank bitcoin? The Top 10 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions for 2015 have been collected from a crowdsourced panel of more than 60 global financial services leaders including bankers, credit union executives, industry analysts, advisors, bloggers and fintech followers. For the fourth year in a row, I have reached out to some of the most respected global leaders in the financial services industry to ask for their thoughts around upcoming banking and credit union trends and predictions. This year’s list includes an advancement on some of the trends we have seen in previous years, with new trends and predictions in the areas of digital delivery, mobile, customer experience, payments, innovation, operations, security and product design.

How any institution responds to these trends may differ by organization, but none should be ignored. Each financial services industry contributor provided at least one thought, with many sharing multiple predictions around the disruption occurring in the industry. My goal was to consolidate their thoughts and come up with the trends that were considered the most important. Two of the most omnipresent trends evident in this year’s predictions were the heightened use of customer insight for the delivery of services and an enhanced customer experience, and the continued development of digital channels and associated digital services. All of the contributors concurred that the changes in the industry in 2015 will be driven by increasing consumer demands combined with continued competition from outside the industry. Are You Being Out-Marketed by the Competition?

With upcoming generations of consumers fully embedded in mobile, digital, and social media as a way of life, interaction expectations are changing. In 2015, banks and credit unions will leverage richer analytics-driven insights to enable a more personalized approach to targeting and engaging with consumers. From location-based offers to improved service delivery, organizations will use spending patterns, product use, and channel interactions to enable improved experience-driven banking. The financial services industry will move beyond omnichannel banking and more fully realize that FIs can use data and interactions, regardless of channel, to genuinely connect with consumers on a more emotional level. 2015 will see a continued search to meaningfully maximize data for increased marketing efficiency and customer loyalty development. To monetize their growing digital channels, leading financial institutions will focus on how to use the immense amount of structured data they have about the consumer.