New science of forex trading nsoft free download

We have found a new home! This strategy is new science of forex trading nsoft free download popular and discussed on many popular blogs and forums. The strategy of actively sold on Clickbank, but that did not stop one of the buyers to provide this system for our website.

This system uses crossing of two moving with a period of 6, only one moving is a shift to 1 and the other moving there is no shift. These parameters are chosen for scalping on M5, so that you can optimize these parameters for yourself. DED – indicator is displayed as dots of blue and yellow color above and below the price. Indicator author, but at once on the eyes, I can say that this is nothing more than a modification of the standard indicator Parabolic. TES – the indicator located in the first additional window as a histogram of blue and orange. Author strategy closed his indicator settings, so that on the basis of which it was created, I cannot tell you. The system performs the function of a filter: blue bars – buy, orange – sell.

TTL – the indicator is in the second additional window is displayed as a histogram of red and green colors. These parameters can be optimized for the trader himself. Also present informer in the upper left corner, but its value is visually understandable, so that it does not accentuate attention. Signals of Strategy New Science of Forex Trading In the strategy stipulated a comparison of the trend with a larger timeframe, that is, if we work on the M5, the confirmation of the signal are looking at M15. TES and TTL, their bars shall be painted blue and green. TES and TTL, their bars shall be painted orange and red. Exit Analyzing video reports author strategies, I saw that the way exit of the position is on the set Take Profit, which is equal to the Stop Loss.