Near end far indicator forex

I noticed the Output Power Far End Indicator near end far indicator forex 0. I have occasionally had numbers there, after an Openreach visit. I’m currently in one of the best line stability periods I’ve ever had with EE and there are no numbers there.

I just wondered why it is different, it stood out to me. 2 days now and I’ve checked a fair bit, few times a day, and never seen anything other than 0. I haven’t got a brilliant line, old wiring, no NTE5 and a fair old distance to the PCP and exchange. 1Mbps download speed and about 2.

It’s been 0dB since Orange went WBC 2. You may find it does report positive with a diff router, but I doubt it. My Netgear also show it at 0dB. I thought Down was the ‘Near End Indicators’. Does your Down Power also report 0dB?