Mt5 forex expert trader

This non-trading expert generates custom symbol information on 1M chart. The code of the Mt5 forex expert trader Advisor based on this strategy can be generated automatically using the MQL5 Wizard. An example of determining the moment when a pending order has triggered. Original Turtle Rule Trader Expert Advisor implements a trading system described in the book “The Original Turtle Trading Rules”.

The EA code implements the visual display of the three Donchian channels, money management, opening and adding trades and moving stop levels. The Exp_PPO_Cloud EA is based on the signals generated by the PPO_Cloud oscillator. Trading system based on XDPO_Histogram indicator signals. Evening Star” candlestick pattern, confirmed by Stochastic indicator is considered. The Panel Designed for “Best Graphic Panel in MQL5” Contest. This graphic panel allows to automate manual trading. It has many functions, including the visual construction of trading strategies.

The panel simplifies manual trading and trailing of the opened position. The Exp_IBS_RSI_CCI_v4_X2 trend-following trading system is based on the signals of two IBS_RSI_CCI_v4 indicators. Open and close at a certain time. A trade having a specified volume is opened at a specified symbol. Select position type: Buy or Sell.

A semi-automated Expert Advisor which signals of breakouts of specified horizontal levels. The Expert Advisor solves the problem of position trailing along a given curve by moving its Stop Loss and Take Profit. Exp_X2MA_Digit_DM_361 trend-following trading system is based on ColorX2MA_Digit and ColorDM_361 indicator signals. Trading system based on the signals of the MFI_Slowdown indicator. The Expert Advisor is based on EMA_RSI_VA indicator. It uses martingale, the number of doublings is limited. The Exp_Delta_MFI Expert Advisor is based on the Delta_MFI indicator color change.

The Exp_PFE_Extr breakout trading system based on the signals of the PFE oscillator. 1 Expert Advisor is very easy to use. The EA is configured to work on the M1 timeframe. An Expert Advisor based on the difference of two moving averages. Trading system based on ColorXTRIX_Histogram indicator signals. Trading system based on NRTR_extr indicator signals. Robot that trades the open sentiment of the market.

The levels are fixed and cannot be customized by the user. Expert Advisors analyze price charts and trade automatically following underlying rules. Here you can find MQL5 source codes solving a variety of problems. You are able to select both simple Expert Advisors based on moving average crossing and complex ones involving complicated signal generation algorithms and protection against trading mistakes. It is recommended that you test and optimize trading robots in the Strategy Tester before using them. The Expert Advisor opens no more than one position per day.

Positions are opened at the specified time. It searches for the Highest and Lowest price in an interval. A utility for applying trailing stop based on the “Parabolic SAR” indicator. The Expert Advisor places pending Buy Stop and Sell Stop orders. Trend detection based on the last three bars. The Expert Advisor opens positions when the price crosses line objects.