Motivewave forex broker

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The portals below highlight some of the capabilities that you can find in our product. For today’s advanced technical trader looking to analyze and interpret massive amounts of market data look no further than the industry leader. Below is the list of currently supported Brokers. We are currently working to expand this list. This will allow us to prioritize our efforts. Gateway Connectors If your broker is not listed above, you may be able to connect using one of our Gateway Connectors listed below. Please contact your broker for details.

There is only one standard type of trading account at OANDA. To make things even better, this broker doesn’t require any minimum deposit, nor minimum trade size. 1 in your account balance in order to initiate a trade. OANDA is one of the pioneer online forex brokers. Established back in 1996, It is now a large group with offices in Toronto, San Francisco, New York, London, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney.