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It has been going up steadily and achieved another high after high. With strong management it can be realized. Are we going to see RM10 this year with 2 more trading days to go? Dividend share is for somebody who want to keep for retirement. Why is Hap Seng always squatting at the price RM9. 55 when most other stocks have moved up significantly?

Hap Seng, by all count, shld be at least RM11! It’s long over due for a bonus issue coz it has accumulated heaps of profit reserves. Bonus should be coming soon I guess. Like what you said it’s long overdue, and most of the people who are holding have been holding it for quite some time. Many hold on to it because of high div.

77 on the back of decent trading volume of 0. Yesterday’s breakout took out the key resistance level of RM9. 67 in which was previously retested thrice over the past 2 weeks and we believe that this could signal a continuation of a prior uptrend which keeps the technical picture intact. Looks like to break 10 soon. So long as it is fundamentally strong, why worry? Buy and keep Hapseng shares forever!