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Find out how to open children’s savings account, when to do it, which bank to choose and so much more in this guide to kids’ savings accounts. But while you have manage forex accounts learn to walk before you ride a bike, opening a children’s savings account can never be done too early. Parents are encouraged to set up a bank account when their kids are born and get a head start on putting their children on a path to financial independence. As kids get older, helping them manage a bank account teaches essential money management skills that will enable them to be financially responsible adults.

These habits, when formed early on, can be maintained throughout adulthood. Now that you’ve decided to open children’s savings account, where do you start? The answer depends on your objective and also the age of your child. Are you opening children’s savings account to start a college fund? Will this account operate as a savings for gifts, allowances and other money your child receives? Or does your teen want an account to save his or her babysitting money? After you settle on an objective, you can browse the different accounts offered for minors.

Since your child is under 18 years old, he or she cannot open an account on their own. With a birth certificate, parents can co-sign and open an account for their child at birth. Consider opening a children’s savings account at a bank in close proximity to your home. Younger children may enjoy being able to physically visit the bank like mom and dad and make their own deposits. Using online banking can also be helpful for kids.