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Please click on the e-Info icon on the right hand side to access SSM e-Info services. Company Profile Information include company name, company registration number and check digit, previous name and macamana nak main forex of change, total authorized and total issued, directors, managers, shareholders, officers, company charges and summary of the latest financial information.

Business profile information include business name, registration number, type of business and detail of owner and partners, business address, date of commencement, and expiry date of current registration. Info Images are prescribed forms under the Companies Regulations 1966, used for specific purposes in relation to relevant requirements under The Companies Act 1965. Business Termination Letter is a certification from SSM, which certifies that the registered Business had ceased to operate on a specific date. SSM e-Info Company Watch allows anyone with an interest in any company to keep an eye of changes made to the selected company which act as a very useful alert mechanism to competitors, customers, borrowers, suppliers, business partners, potential investors and also to financial institutions. ACGS will state the company name, registration number, incorporation date, type of the company whether it is a private or public company and the registered office address of the company.

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