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DBC Advisory Service with more than 100 Top Management Consultants. Die Beratung unseres Expert Networks ist nicht m2050 bitcoin exchange intelligent, sondern brillant.

Achieving measurable results with implementing solutions with lasting effect. Messbare Resultate mit umgesetzten Lösungen, die dauerhaft funktionieren. Das Neueste von unseren Expertinnen und Experten. Oliver Gassmann at University of St. Oliver Gassmann an der Universität St. The innovation and competitive performance of companies, organizations and institutions is characterised by a manifold and complex interplay of different internal and external resources, competencies and processes along different dimensions. Excellent innovation advisory make DBC’s clients faster, more agile and more efficient.

Particularly innovation by digitization requires a willingness to change and the courage to consistently implement the changes that have been identified as necessary. What regulatory framework do we want to put in place for digitalisierung? The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has collecting ideas and suggestions from all the stakeholders in a braod, detailed process. An important task within the scope of a innovation advisory is to identify and prioritize future growth areas. Just manufacturing firms are standing today at their strategical crossroad. The critical success factor is the adaptability! Our innovation advisory offers the opportunity for enterprises of the manufacturing industry to compare their innovation strategy and performance with other manufacturing firms.

Different benchmarking modules help firms to recognize potential for improvement and optimization, and thus to strengthen their competitive performance. One of the most important aspects in innovation management against the background of competitive ability is in the end the capability to be innovative in view of product ideas and solutions, because the cardinal question for an efficient business model is, which product ideas and solutions can companies use best to add value in the future and how they can tap new target groups in the future? Effizienz, Wandlungsfähigkeit und Umgang mit großen Datenmengen? Die Innovations- und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit von Unternehmen, Organisationen und Institutionen ist durch ein vielfältiges und komplexes Zusammenspiel von internen und externen Ressourcen, Kompetenzen und Prozessen entlang unterschiedlicher Handlungsfelder geprägt.