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Tangyoon’s Cooking Class is a party quest for level 60-90 players. It can be done in a party of luk indicator forex or less which means you can solo too! A random dish will be given to you to cook.

Each dish requires 5 types of ingredients. Therefore, you have 5 rounds to battle different enemies. Select ingredients based on the dish. See below for the correct ingredients combination. Eliminate all enemies on chopping board to proceed with next ingredient selection.

Repeat Step 1 to Step 3 for all 5 ingredient selections. Next, you will be required to add some salt. If your dish was a success, after killing the God of Cookery, you will get 2 Chef Certificates and some EXP. You only get 1 Chef Certificate if your dish is a failure, and EXP received is approximately halved. Kalisi: Thanks for taking the time to post your comment about the guide! Xaniara: My ESET anti-virus and firewall did not detect any viruses, phishing, malware from fashionback. I’m able to load the video on their website.

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