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It looks like the Iranians, Syrians and Russians need to go into a cafĂ© somewhere in Damascus and synchronize their announcements. Ramadan is the month of forgiveness, the month of mercy,” the narrator is told by those he interviews. During Ramadan the environment is very nice here in Gaza. Brazil, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are the other “first time” newbies in the exercise.

The theme of this year’s parade was “70 and Sababa! Jewish State has come since her rebirth in 1948 and just how awesome her accomplishments truly are. Gaza have called it a welcome step to help move the Gaza market. The IED attached to the kite was defused by Israeli Defense Forces.

Hezbollah is embedded with the Syrian Republican Guard and Fourth Division in order to avoid detection, according to local sources. The funds will come from the tax Israel collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority under the terms of the 1994 Paris Accords signed between the sides as part of the Oslo Peace Accords. The rescue forces are working throughout the kibbutz Or Ha’Ner area, evacuating cowsheds and homes that are in potential danger. The conference is showcasing the best and most promising new companies along with developments in medical technology and life sciences. Soon new airlines will open routes to Ovda airport, including among others, Lufthansa subsidiary Edelweiss from Zurich, Switzerland, and Transavia from Amsterdam. The United Nations, a story of from bad to worse. Both concepts are built around the Palestinian logic that Israel is the eternal enemy.

The European Union is beginning to grasp that the implicit criticism of those who fail to join the United States in supporting Israel carries consequences. We have history on our side. Do you want your own home business? 18 What’s in the news and comment from the Home Business Alliance.