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Earlier forex capital markets ceo meaning month news broke that Lyoness had begun to actively go after uploaded multimedia footage that made the company look bad. The footage above is from Dragon’s Den Krystian sobol forex news, with copyright of the show owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Curiously, after being previously available the footage also now appears to have been removed from the CBC website itself. Needless to say the ORF report belongs to the ORF broadcasting network, with any claims of copyright infringement from Lyoness being false. Whereas the Dragon’s Den episode is more like a critical review of your typical Lyoness investor presentation, the ORF report took on an investigative approach and is far more damning. Lyoness, the company raised a complaint with the Austrian Media Authority.

The report then delves into an expose on Lyoness’ CEO and founder, Herbert Freidl. Of course when you see Friedl’s messiah like appearance at events that fascinates. One cannot deny the man has charisma and is a very talented salesman. What happens if you can’t find people to bring in and invest after you? Lyoness 6400 EUR for the promise of 60,000. According to his own administration, Mr F has received about 73 Euros from Lyoness over the last three years. When the money never came, Mr.