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Deployment Leave the heavy lifting to us. We offer a range of high-quality business management app- lications including real-time and historical reporting, voice recording, workforce management, quality monitoring, customer CRM integration and more. What voicespin can do for you? By being able to provide useful features, capabilities and integration into your other business systems, VoIP telephony also dramatically increases productivity. Here are answers to most common questions.

How can I pay in US dollars? We will provide you with wire information for our bank account. It is not tied directly to ETH or BTC. The conversion is based on the USD price provided to us by Gemini at the time when we receive the contribution. We can provide you with the email confirmation from Gemini if necessary. How many tokens will there be? 650,000,000 tokens in total, with 325,000,000 for sale.

Unsold tokens from the token sale will be burnt. What documents do I need in order to pass KYC? We’ll need a copy of your passport or ID as well as a selfie. We reserve the right to request additional documents if necessary.

How long does it take to get KYC verified? It usually takes less than 48 hours to get KYC verified. However, you can still contribute and purchase your tokens in the meantime. When will I get my CEL tokens? A few weeks after the crowdsale closes, we will start sending out CEL tokens. You, the person who wants to leverage your crypto holdings to take out a loan in USD without selling your cryptos.