Jpn225 forex news

Not going to get into too much detail here. Jpn225 forex news covered these targets in the 2hr update, but I wanted to post this for tracking purposes and to show the sub-wave count for this leading diagonal.

7620 here, this is the 0. A follow up to my last post. I wanted to start tracking my primary BTCUSD wave count. This post will be for the larger time-frame count and will follow up with two more zoomed in counts, and potentially some alternates.

I will try and keep this thread as the primary one for tracking purposes and update as this unfold, or until it invalidates. South Korea country will be easing the tight hold on crypto trading currently in the country. This could be the case in more countries soon which should help bring more investors in the space. We finally have some bullish action today with a bullish engolfing on the daily chart.

Posting to wrap everything up, mostly for tracking purposes. This is currently my primary count for BTC. 5 right now, and should be getting into our wave B. Another fractal for you going back to 2014 for BTCUSD. Fairly self explanatory, but I will update as I investigate it further. The major differences here is that the 2014 fractal tops out before falling into the harmonic bearish gartley.