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Unloading stone in Fairport, June 5, 2010. Thompson proves to be one of the most historic vessels on joseph babalola forex cargo lakes.

She has served in wartime and peacetime both on the ocean and the Great Lakes. Maritime Commission for the World War II effort. The Vessel was powered by a 9,900hp G. As the Marine Robin the Thompson made cross-Atlantic voyages for the war effort and was present at the Normandy invasion June 6, 1944. After the war the Marine Robin and her C-4 cargo sisters were put into mothball fleets all along the east coast.

Shortly after the start of the Korean war in the early 1950’s the demand for iron ore skyrocketed. The Great Lakes fleet owners struggled to keep up with demands. Shipyards on both the American and Canadian side were backed up with orders for new hulls. Several companies looked to former ocean vessel as there answer for instant tonnage.

Slightly shorter and with a smaller beam than the C-4’s, the Victory proved the ex-Sea going vessels provided a fast fix to the need for more hulls. Following Cleveland Cliffs example several other U. Canadian companies purchased excess ocean vessels. Land, Marine Angel, and Mount Mansfield were all slated to be converted for lake service. The Robin was purchased by the Wisconsin-Michigan Steamship Co.

She was then sold to Hansand Steamship Co. She was converted in 1952 by the Maryland Dry Dock Co. The Robin was given a new 199′ 3″ mid-body built Ingalls Shipbuilding Co. Pascagoula, MS, and had her deck houses converted from mid-ship style to the traditional fore and aft cabins.

The Thompson took to the water on November 1952 and continued to serve her owners until 1981 when the bottom fell out of the ore market sending her and several other fairly middle age vessels to the wall. The Hanna Mining fleet sat idle in Detroit for most of the early 80’s due to the lack of cargo. Hanna mining made the tough decision to abandon their marine transportation services after nearly 100 seasons on the lakes. In 1985 Escanaba Michigan’s Upper Lakes Towing Co. Buckeye and planed a similar conversion for the Thompson.