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For example, a company in the U. Europe, thereby creating a need toexchange U. Individual traders most commonly trade forex as a speculative investment. Then, if the exchange rate moved as you expected, you could then close your transaction, which would exchange the Euros you purchased back into U. Dollars at the new higher exchange rate.

In this case, you would earn a net profit. Euro will fall against the Japanese Yen. This would buy back the Euros you sold using the Yen you were holding at the new exchange rate, effectively netting you a profit on the fall of the Euro. To qualify for earnings, you must participate in a launch. Participation requirements may vary from launch to launch. If you qualify, then your earnings are calculated using this simple formula: how many members of your launch group participated in that same launch multiplied by the amount the launch partner has agreed to pay per referral. However, be careful to only invite people you know.