Is fxcm a good forex broker

Dodd Frank Title 7 Dodd-Frank Wiki Page Could the U. A is fxcm a good forex broker on a fast tract to be at the bottom of the world. Example how Dodd Frank is forced on the U. Citizen in what should help the common U.

Citizen but acually hurts the U. I am going to use Forex Markets as the example but this can be any market. Houes, Cars, Boats, Airplanes, Land, Stocks, Indexs, even stuff like cattle! FIFO Rule as applyed to Forex Forex is not futures, stocks, indexs or any other kind of market! There’s absolutely no reason to have FIFO as it should never be use in any market. Lets say a computer is doing algorithmic trades and has 100, 200, or 300 orders on an account. Exiting positions in the exact manner that they were entered, in such situation, is impossible.

Why should any trader have to exit positions in the same order as they were entered? Leverage as related to Forex Increased leverage IS NOT correlated to increased risk. The regulators force members to say that an increase in leverage is an increase in risk. This is mathematically and logically incorrect.