Ingrandimento foto forex factory

Hi guys here is a strategy for Forex which try catch high and low on markets because better entry points is sell on high and buy on low we will try catch it with this strategy you also can expirimentation with other TF and show results here if you want thanks in advance. If it’s really profitable, then you should have it coded into an EA no? Stuff like this looks fantastic, until you try making sustainable profits with it. Ah well, we all ingrandimento foto forex factory pay for our educations.

3 on many bars after it should have happened. IE it like painted it 1-4 bars after the fact. I think a lot of the magic you are showing is due to that. Am I the only one seeing this? I tested with EURUSD and 15 min and 1 hour charts on Tick mode. So you have to take signal on next bar.