Indian forex trading rules

Under Maintenance  We are currently not accepting fresh registrations for the Indian Trading League. The League runs across the Financial Year i. 1st May 2016 to 31st March 2017. A participant can enter the league at any time indian forex trading rules year.

The Different Formats of the Leagues run across the following periods. This is only the initial capital requirement and can be withdrawn by the participant at any point of time. Participants can qualify for the Royale League only if the invested capital for the annual league exceeds Rs. Note 1 – There has to be an initial capital contribution of Rs. 5,00,000 by way of Cash, Shares or a combination thereof to be eligible for the Royale League. Note 2 – An investor is allowed only to trade in the Equities segment.

As such Intraday Trading in the equities segment will lead to disqualification from the Investors league. Intraday trades made in the product type MIS, CO or BO on the SAMCO Trading platform will result in automatic disqualification from the Investors League. Note 3 – All participants with Date of Birth after 30-04-1989 are eligible for the Student’s League. Every Female participant also qualifies for the Women’s League. All positions at the end of each evaluation period shall be marked to market. Only participants with net positive return qualify for prizes. The results shall be published once audited by a third party independent auditor.

In case of multiple family members attain wining positions in any of the Leagues, only the Family member on top most position will be eligible for the Reward. The League has the right to remove or bar any participant, who, in its sole judgment, would tend to dishonor the League, and has violated any rule, law, or regulation pertaining to trading or who has attempted to benefit from any fraudulent, manipulative, unfair, and collusive or other trading irregularity. In order to maintain the harmony and integrity of the markets, the League will from time to time publish a list of negative stocks which are susceptible to manipulation or irregularities. Any transactions in stocks from this particular list shall result in automatic disqualification from the league. The list of stocks for disqualification is available here. The League administrators at their sole discretion may add stocks susceptible to manipulation and price rigging to the negative list without any prior notice and with retrospective effect. The decision of the administrators shall be final and binding in this regard.