How to use winsorize in stata forex

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I’m estimating a regular probit model in Stata and using the margins command to calculate using margins using substr in stata forex in stata forex marginal effects. I’m trying to illustrate the change in effects when treating the dummy variables as continuous in my estimate as opposed to treating them as a discrete change from 0 to 1. How do I store the marginal effects values and then put them in a table to show the comparison? This question came from our site for people interested in statistics, machine learning, data analysis, data mining, and data visualization.

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Do I Work with an Orangutan? Can creating a Software Design Document after development be justified? How to politely communicate to a friend I don’t want to host him at my place any more? In this post we will discuss univariate and multivariate outliers. A univariate outlier is a data point that consists of winsorize outliers in stata forex extreme value on one variable. A multivariate outlier is a combination of unusual scores on at least two variables.