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The Colourful Tale of King Opaque’ as he turns his castle from being dark and gloomy to bright and colourful. Meet Anna, who has a very important job to do. She needs to find presents for her brother’s birthday which can be enjoyed by each of his senses. Take a magical journey through the night sky with your pupils. See the sky filled with stars and watch as they change into pictures of the constellations. Ever wanted to shock your students?

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Discuss with students what they have read or observed about robots helping to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. Tell them that they are going to design additional robots that can help someone who has a disability. They should focus on just one disability that the new robot will address. When each student has identified the role his or her robot will play in helping a human, he or she should generate by hand or on a computer a drawing that represents what the new robot and its parts will look like.

Each student should also prepare a second drawing showing the robot actually interacting with the human or the human using the robot. Direct students to label each of the robot’s parts or features and to write a paragraph on how the invention could have a positive impact on the quality of a human’s life. Ask each student to end his or her paragraph by predicting whether humans will accept or reject the new robot—and why. What are the advantages of creating a walking robot that is able to maneuver around the surface of the earth like human beings and other creatures that have legs?