Hogrefe leadership judgement indicator forex

The quintessence of psychological research in achievement motivation. A reliable and time-efficient analysis of hogrefe leadership judgement indicator forex major personality traits that determine an individual’s professional success. The revised version of the renowned d2 test.

Cognitive reasoning assessment in the higher ability ranges. Situational analysis of leadership skills and decision-making styles. Please select the leadership tool you require from the options listed below. The highly acclaimed original LJI has been published in seven different languages to date. The UK version is normed against a general managerial population of 1,340 leaders. The scenarios have been found to be effective with leaders from the most senior, board level to first line team leaders.

LJI-2, with an enhanced narrative report, finer-grained scoring and improved psychometric data. Developed for assessing leaders and leadership potential in organisations with an international reach, the G-LJI is comprised of scenarios designed to resonate with corporations worldwide. The G-LJI is normed against a population of 384 leaders ranging across 38 countries and 6 continents. Great sales people don’t always make good sales managers. The S-LJI is intended for use in the development of those in roles related to sales and sales performance. It provides an immediate, clear and telling picture of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of ability to effectively manage and lead a sales team.

The norm group consists of 343 sales leaders, the majority of whom work in the UK. The LJA examines managers’ leadership judgement using a unique dynamic assessment approach. The LJA’s innovative, interactive software can establish the extent to which a person has the capability and motivation to further develop their leadership judgement. It brings theory into real-world practice by exploring the individual’s decision making processes in situations they themselves have described, rather than asking people to respond to artificial scenarios. Coach on the Desktop is an e-learning tool that can be used by coaches to expedite the improvement of leadership decision making. Unlike other self assessment tools, the LJI is a psychometric assessment tool composed from16 different scenarios which requires the respondent to rate the appropriateness of various courses of action.