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Set up an online Virtual Portfolio. See more trades and director dealings. Play the Fantasy Share Trading Game. Please login or register to post a message on Share Chat. Yes londoner7 skene group or tillicoultry would be a good fit in that area ? The quarry does help fill a surprisingly large gap to the north and south.

I wonder if Breedon are looking over the Skene Group just to the north but south of Edinburgh? I know about grit is that hurts if I get it between my toes. I’ll take your word on the benefits of ‘hard rock’. But I guess from your comment the material lends itself to the production of asphalt. It’s this combination of infill acquisition, with lower head honcho costs, and associated capital expenditure on say asphalt plant that boosts both revenues and margins. I’ve no doubt there are more acquisition opportunities in train, which will come to fruition over coming months and years, and from the presentation of Lagan’s recent expansion in ROI it sounds like Breedon should hit the ground running there too. Good infill buy , only got a concrete plant 10 mile away in that area so can see a synergy there straight away.

The fact its a hard rock quarry is a major plus and maybe im getting ahead of myself but can see asphalt expansion in the borders and Northumberland area in the future. The company gets bigger and the sp stays the same. The market has yet to see the potential for profit here. M84, there isn’t a dividend here but Breedon is generating cash on your investment. Rather than pay it to you management has chosen to reinvest your all of your returns back into the business.