Hbni economic times forex

The clock will display the different times, the open markets and market holiday and it will show you the news you select to see. Indicator displays News with a market clock. 1502 shows a way how to hbni economic times forex data displayed on the chart. The file contains the description of writing a simple and convenient indicator displaying in a working area the main economic events from external Internet resources.

It shows upcoming news events 1 hour before and 30 minutes after event. It also shows active sessions etc. It gives a look to all news events. Jerome” This version made it possible for me to write down the coming DST times for the local markets also.

DST changes are unique to each timezone. Hope it is for all working perfectly. Like to know how you think about it. Yep, new version seem to solved all those issues. I think you have to re-post the indi again to get it on this site. It’s great indicator for the news events, I’ve not seen such great indicator.