Gridmeupfx forex

IG: Trade online with the world’s No. Since we started talking about marketing, let’s say something about the price of gridmeupfx forex robot.

USD 40 from the official website. 5 per day, and there is a 30-day trial period. Go Markets active since the start of 2013. The strategy at the core of the EA’s workings is a grid one, which means that the robot opens a raft of positions forming a grid thanks to the fixed interval between the open prices. The robot closes the trades in the grid simultaneously when the take-profit or stop-loss level is reached. As you can see from the above example, apart from getting large gains, this trading strategy may lead to hefty losses.

USD shorts that are presently leading to a loss of 1,564 pips. It’s a good thing that the risk management is careful and the trading is with micro lots, but for the extra cautious traders I’ll recommend a cent account too. The gains for the nearly nine months during which the robot has traded amount to 55. However, if the robot manages to keep the account from margin call for about a year, you’ll get your investment back.