Greed vs lose in forex

I made an enemy this week. Greed vs lose in forex is the widow of an old friend.

Before he died, I promised to try to look out for her a bit. During our recent conversation she said I made her feel small. She said I made her feel stupid. I’m very likely guilty on both counts. But, hopefully, I saved her two million dollars.

Her husband died a while back. He loved his wife dearly and he knew he would very likely leave her a widow. The money was an act of love. He wanted to be sure she would be financially secure. That is, she was always open to come-ons. Free cell phones were an example. Somehow she seemed to miss the two year contract it locked them into, over and over again.

While small potatoes, it is a bad sign. The world is filled with predators looking for precisely people like her. It was this topic that set me off and brought her to tears. I was trying to gently coax her into appreciating the risk.

She is a very bright woman and seemed to understand. Here’s one I came across many years ago. In those days, I might well have taken the bait. One day you get a letter, or maybe these days an email. In it, an investment advisor introduces himself and  offers you a stock tip.

ABC Corp is going to dramatically rise in price over the next week or two. Don’t invest, he cautions, without doing your homework. But his proprietary metrics are pointing to this one as a strong buy. You’re no fool but you decide to maybe keep an eye on it. Sure enough, it sharply spikes up.

This one says, BCD Corp is poised to take a sharp fall. Again you decide to watch and see, although with a keener interest now. Sure enough, this one collapses as predicted. Had you acted, big profits would have been yours. The stock rises, or falls, exactly as predicted. Maybe you even took a chance and profited from one or more.